How To Wear Sandals With Denim

In most times, we see ladies wearing sandals with shorts, dresses, and skirts, but there are women who prefer to wear jeans when it’s hot. Yes, you can spot them wearing mom jeans, boyfriend denim, jumpsuits, etc. that are completed with sandals.

How To Wear Sandals With Denim 2019

Before I go to the details, I wanted to clarify: most sandals do look well with jeans. The only sandals that might look weird are the dressy evening sandals and those ultra-athletic sandals, but even they can work with jeans, just make sure the overall look is harmonized and they do complement the rest of your outfit.

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How Does Negin Mirsalehi Wearing Denim Trend

I hope you all familiar with Negin Mirsalehi. She is a trendsetter, inspirational lady and fashion blogger who has a unique style that makes her stand out. I guess lots of you want to create similar outfits. In today’s post, I will bring you a cool lookbook of her OOTD completed with denim trends. All the showcased ideas are super easy to style and wear in real life.

How Does Negin Mirsalehi Wearing Denim Trend 2019

Here we see her wearing cool white sneakers from ZCD MontrĂ©al. She says that white sneakers are no longer a trend, but I think she means that this is already a timeless trend that will never go out of style, that’s why she says it has become an iconic look that is here to stay forever. Anyway, she updated these kicks with denim cut-offs, white tee and a cool orange-cream vest made of denim. Everything looks as perfect, as it is, love the balance between comfort and trend.

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